Redesign of an expert system for advertising pro's

Yifat Advertising Monitoring” is the leading organization in Israel dealing with monitoring of and supplying information from the advertising world. The company maintains a huge data repository that includes detailed information about all the advertisements, in all advertising platforms and media in israel, and enables advanced searches over different criteria.

The team at Yifat came to us with a legacy, proven system which has served its customers well, with a need to refresh, renew and offer significant components for the dynamic world of media management.

In the research process we conducted, we met with the various parties in the media world, who work with the Yifat system on a daily basis. The insights from this research led us to identify a business opportunity to turn the existing system from a technical tool enabling search in a database, to a tool that provides business insights and presents them clearly, in an easy to use interface.

This was one of those projects where the UX design process, which started off as just a “UI facelift”, to a signifcant part in the company’s business strategy. The fertile dialog we established with the Yifat team enabled us to best express the business value embodied in great user experience.

Our part in this project:

UX and UI.

The research work by Uniq UI is an enriching experience, their amazing ability to talk with the user and reach his deeper, real needs – is rare. In our work together we have redefined the business value we offer our customers. The work was pleasant and the service personal, making the process a success.

Yif'ah Metzger, VP Technologies, Yifat Group