Automatic Detection of Anomalies in Big Data

Thetaray has a product that can identify anomalies in Big Data. This is a very important ability that can be implemented in various applications: it can be used for security – automatically identify irregular activities in a bank account or an ATM, for instance; it can also be used for industrial applications, for example automatically detect turbine or assembly line malfunctions.

Thetaray has requested us to design the UX and UI of the company products:

  • Configurator: a product to define the connectivity between Thetaray’s algorithm and customer data. The product enables defining new fields based on existing ones, among many other abilities. Configuration is performed by expert Data Analysts
  • Dashboard: we designed the end-user side of the products as well. Those who are in charge of monitoring the organization status – information security analysts, operations and others. The dashboard shows the results of Thetaray’s algorithmic analysis and shows problems quickly and clearly.

Our part in this project:

UX & UI Design.