The VOD platform for Keshet Broadcasting

The Mako website is the main platform for Keshet Broadcasting to present its video content. Mako is the #3 biggest website in Israel. The site shows thousands of episodes from TV series, content for kids and news that were broadcast in Channel 2 – Keshet throughout the years. Mako has invested a lot in being at the forefront of technology in anything related to showing TV content over the internet, and was an Israeli pioneer in implementing technologies that enable viewer participation, as well as showing broadcast content in the Mobile and Tablet platforms.

Mako contacted us in 2012 and asked us to help create a dedicated website that will present all of Mako’s unique content, and will become a leading source of TV content over the internet. The request was for us to create an interface with a unique and impressive look that will allow for navigation among the huge content collection, yet keep a clear and functional look and feel.

In the work process with Mako we developed several different concepts until we finally focused on a format that gives great emphasis to content and delights users by tiny (yet significant) interactions. The extended Mako team joined the effort to realize our UX concept over the entire Mako VOD website, a true visual and technological challenge.

Our part in this project:

UX concept. Visual Design: Mako.

» Visit the mako TV website

The mako TV project was considered a flagship product in the company. It presented us with many challenges: business, technology, design and interface. Yaniv and Barak were part of the project team right from the start and were very attentive to our needs, and in particular, to the changes in requirements that occurred as the product evolved.

It’s chiefly worthwhile to mention the fact that thanks to the Uniq UI team’s vast experience, they knew to focus our attention on the smaller details that are not always in the spec but are actually the ones that make the big difference in the user experience.

Yaniv’s professional work and plentiful patience impressed us throughout the entire project. Work with Uniq UI was an extended and pleasant learning experience.

Adi Kujikaro, Product Manager, Keshet