Site redesign: +97% conversion

Pizza Hut turned to us for a redesign of their website, which is used by their customers for ordering pizzas and additional products. The existing site didn’t achieve the business results they were hoping for. The number of orders didn’t reach the set goals and customers were having difficulties in completing their orders.

Before diving into the full UX design process, we suggested several changes in the existing website to make it easier for existing customers to complete their orders. Pizza Hut’s CEO said he’d like to see a 5-10% increase in conversions, but implementing our brief recommendations had actually achieved 4 times as much: 40% increase in conversions!

The research phase included visiting Pizza Hut branches and interviews with the Pizza Hut branch teams. We also reviewed Web Analytics data to better understand how users are currently ordering. We analyzed sales data from the entire Pizza Hut network and reviewed the most important competitors and peers, in Israel and abroad.

Thanks to the research, we had a very good idea of what people were looking for in each step of the ordering process. This enabled us to emphasize important information, at the exact moment when the customer needed it, and assist here in completing her order.

The results of our redesign process were indisputable: an average of 97% increase in conversion, with some days reaching even 120% over the period before we started our work. We’re very proud of the success we brought Pizza Hut, and appreciate the company’s vote of confidence: we also designed Pizza Hut’s mobile apps.

Our part in this project:

UX & UI.

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We felt like we have a real partner, that understands our business needs and provides holistic solutions, that extend beyond the UI. We were hoping to just upgrade the website and received a dramatic increase in conversions.

Haim Edri, IT Manager, Pizza Hut