Secure access to cloud services

Accells turned to us with an interesting idea and real market need: securing the login process to cloud-based services through user identification by their smartphones.

Accells’ technological solution relies on the mobile platform and rightly assumes that the smartphone is a personal device we don’t go anywhere without. Based on this assumption, accells said: let’s use the smartphone to create another protection layer in identifying users at cloud-based services.

When attempting to login to predefined internet services, the user is required to continue the login process at his smartphone. He then needs to type in his password and only then is he redirected to the services he wanted to log-in to. Any break-in attempt to the account by unauthorized parties will hit this roadblock. The perpetrator will have to hack the account username and password, but also physically hold the mobile device of that person to successfully log in.

As the design and development processes both relied on the agile methodology, handling different aspects of the product’s use was done in sprints according to the product’s roadmap. Accells product was a worthy and unique design challenge, that encompassed a diverse target audience on different platforms: Web and mobile, Anrdoid and iOS.

Our part in this project:

UX & UI.

Uniq UI designed the user experience in our system. Work with Uniq UI has helped a lot in creating a user experience better than that of our competitors, as well as lowering the system’s learning costs. It was very well received among our customers and users – a very unusual sight in security systems. Most importantly, as a customer I felt the team was very attentive throughout the whole process, and a true commitment to the success of the system and the company.

Ran Ne'eman, VP Products, accells