Monitoring the Dark Web for Cyber Crimes

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Sixgill has a smart platform that can scan the Dark Web and make the encrypted information within it accessible to end users – cyber security professionals, analysts, intelligence professionals and more. For them, the system enables investigating suspicious online activities on a regular basis, stopping them in their tracks, or handling attacks that have already happened.

The Sixgill team came to us with a preliminary product, and asked us to help them take their product several steps forward – to characterize the important processes and add capabilities that are critical to their end users. Additionally, we needed to create a visual language and define the product look and feel so that they serve the product’s character and emphasize its most important functionality.

Research helped us realize that for cyber security professionals it wasn’t enough just to see dry raw data, but that visualizing information on a timeline, its association with specific people and context, was also very important. That’s why we decided to make the visual representation of Sixgill’s data so central to our solution.

Another important ability we developed with the Sixgill team is being able to view all the specific actions around a topic or user to build an investigation case that will make it easier for users to trace top-priority actions and profiles.

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Our part in this project:

UX and UI Design.