iOS and Android Apps for Ordering Pizza

After we redesigned the Pizza Hut website, Pizza Hut saw a significant rise in the business results from the digital channels. That’s when they asked us to design the iPhone and Android apps for the company

This seemingly simple app for ordering pizzas hides much complexity. The app enables ordering special and complex deals including multiple pizzas, toppings and side dishes, along with various ordering capabilities that the Pizza hut branches in Israel can offer. Did you know, for example, that at Pizza hut you can order pizza to be delivered later the same day? All these special abilities made designing the app a worthy and interesting challenge.

Since the app has launched it’s been very warmly received by a loyal group of customer with repeat business.

Our part in this project:

UX & UI.

Our work with Uniq UI was based on an open dialog throughout the way. We felt like we have a real partner, that understands our business needs and provides holistic solutions, that extend beyond the UI. When we have a new idea, we know that we only need to pick up the phone. Bottom line, the work with Uniq UI has proven us the value of investing in the user experience.

Haim Edri, IT Manager, Pizza Hut