DreamPlace: A Christmas Experience with Shrek & Santa

Dreamworks is one of the world’s largest animation studios. The company is responsible for some academy-award winning animation films, including “Shrek”, “Madagascar”, “Antz” and “How to Train Your Dragon”.

Their idea was innovative and simple: use the Shrek characters to create a Christmas ride for the entire family, and place it in malls across the US. The ride would include a merchandise store, and will bring many shoppers to the mall.

Work on the project include UX and UI Design for an interface that handles different viewpoints on the experience offered by DreamWorks, together with Israeli startup Jifiti:

The child’s viewpoint. For children the magical experience included joining Santa on a virtual trip to the North Pole, and a photo-op with Santa.

The parents’ viewpoint. The parents needed a way to book the ride and the meeting with Santa

The operations team’s viewpoint. Santa’s elves needed to manage visitor registration and traffic through the ride

The business viewpoint. The shopping mall’s interests included increasing visitor traffic, and shops wanted more shoppers to come in and buy holiday gifts.

Each participant could perform his tasks on different platforms: desktop and mobile web, native smartphone app and native iPad app. This was part of the challenge: presenting a coherent vision int he design stage, that takes into account the goals and needs of each participant’s viewpoint, and provides him with a unique solution that emphasizes different strengths in each platform. To perform this analysis, we mapped the needs of all participants through all the relevant touchpoints in the customer journey.

Only after we completed mapping all the touchpoints, and presented our results to our friends at Jifiti and Dreamworks, we proceeded to think about the interface solution for the different screens.

Thousands of users registered to the experience, and there is no better confirmation for our success, than the success of the users alongside customer satisfaction:

We had a great time at the Dreamworks Dreamplace! The app added to the experience and making the wish list was fun for everyone”

A review of the Dreamplace App by Jess, from the App store.

Read more about the project in Bloomberg, or watch ABC news’ video report:

Our part in this project:


“הפרויקט היה מורכב ולוחות הזמנים היו קצרים וקשיחים. הצוות ביוניק יו איי התגייס ועבד קשה כדי לעמוד בכל הדרישות. בסופו של דבר האתר נתן חוויית משתמש מעולה ואיפשר למאות אלפי אמריקאים ליהנות מחוויית חג המולד של Dreamworks גם בדיגיטל”.

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