Code deployment automation system

Nolio (CA Technologies) has a leading product in the international market for automating code deployment processes. Among the company’s customers you’ll find some of the world’s largest companies, such as Credit Suisse, ING, Vodafone, Shell, 888, Kenshoo and others.

Nolio contacted us when they decided to develop a new product, Release Center, that extends their current solution offering significantly. The product enables the user to unite all his deployment activities for a specific release, manage them and trigger them, as needed, in various environments.

The advantage Nolio offers to the big organizations it works with, is managing version deployment processes that can be immensely complex. The design challenge was to build a system that was intended for professional users handling complicated activities, and yet do it in a clear and usable way. We managed to do all that, as well as include all the product’s capabilities. The new product saves the company’s customers plenty of time and has rightly gained their loyalty.

Our part in this project:

UX & UI.

Our work with Barak and Yaniv was on a new project, from start to finish. They knew how to ask the right questions, give the right tips, and offer us a UI that created a great experience for our customers. The customer feedback was superb!

Uri Scheiner, Functional Architect, Nolio