Application Performance Management System

Optier turned to us to design the next generator of their Application Performance Management (APM) system.

The main challenge in the project was to create an intuitive, easy to use system, that contrary to the existing Optier product, didn’t require detailed instructions or special, custom implementation by the Optier team. Also, it was important for the team at Optier to have a product with a modern look, that is well-sutied to their target audience of SMB’s.

We worked by our well-established methodology, in close cooperation with our customer. The design concept phase created a solution that enabled the end-user to get a solid understanding of the his application’s status, and to dive in for more information. The visual design created a clear distinction between screen elements and assisted in rapid understanding of the system.

We made a special effort to show all the necessary information up-front, and avoid excessive clicking and navigation in order to get critical information. To that end, we added infographic qualities to the system and used components that enriched it and made it more interesting.

Our part in this project:

UX & UI.

עבודת האפיון מול יוניק יו איי היתה מתודית וכללה חידוד והעמקה מצידנו לגבי צרכי המשתמשים. האפשרות לקבל חוות דעת של גורם חיצוני שמגיע דווקא מעולם תוכן אחר הייתה ייחודית ותרמה לתהליך כולו. היא עזרה לנו גם לחדד את הדברים מנקודת מבטם של משתמשים לא מנוסים

תמיר וייס, Director of products, OpTier