Kornit Digital

A Sales-Oriented Marketing Website

Kornit provides digital printing solutions for a wide variety of textile applications, via industrial printers in advanced, environment-friendly processes.

Kornit’s website is directed at a number of markets world-wide, and is aimed at existing customers, potential customers, and resellers.

In the research phase, we identified long and complex sales processes, which include several touchpoints between brand and customer, both physical as well as digital. We analyzed the customer types and various needs, and defined the site’s role in the different sales processes.

We gave special thought to directing visitors to contact sales reps. Additionally, we decided to give ample visibility to trade shows where the printers can be seen up close, since research showed that it’s a central part of generating sales.

Since Kornit printers enable creative freedom when printing on textile, a key aspect of the design was to give visual expression to the endless possibilities with Kornit. The diversity in color and creative applications plays a central part in the new design. The pages we designed display big images and make generous use of texture, colors and animations, that emphasize the creation capabilities with Kornit printers.


מאחר ומדובר בחברה גדולה ובפרויקט גדול ומורכב, חיפשנו צוות מנוסה ומקצועי שיוכל להוביל אותנו ולהעניק לנו בטחון.
ללא ספק ההבנה והמקצועיות של צוות יוניק יו איי בתהליך האפיון והעיצוב, ותשומת הלב לפרטים עזרה לנו לקבל החלטות ולהגיע לתוצאות שאנחנו גאים בהן מאוד.

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