UX Design

Designing a New Product?
We’ll be happy to design an experience that will make your business grow

Designing a new product is always accompanied by many questions and considerations – and rightly so. Anyone who deals with digital products today, from startups to the biggest companies in the world, realize that the user experience is a critical differentiating factor. When there’s a good connection between user goals and business goals, the product’s success is guaranteed.

Our aim is to create that connection, between product and customers, to create outstanding business results – for you. Ask Pizza Hut’s CEO how our redesign improved his site’s conversion by 97%. Take a look at the work we did with each and every one of our customers, and read what they think of working with us.

To create a great UX, the product must answer a resounding “yes” to each one of these questions:

  • Does the product speak a language that the users undertand?
  • Does it connect to their desires and goals?
  • Do they quickly understand why they need the product and how to use it?

In order to succeed in this task, we base our work on our tried and true methodology, developed over many years of UX design for successful projects.

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Usability Testing

Would you like to see how people actually use your product?

Usability testing is a general name for a wide range of tools that have the same purpose: to check how people use and respond to a website, app or software product. They may be performed in the “lab”, at our office, or remotely (“remote testing”).

Such tests enable obtaining critical information about user behavior in the system. Unlike web analytics systems, we can check not only what people do but also why and how. Answers to these questions are invaluable because they give us the opportunity to quickly and safely make changes in the product and achieve higher satisfaction and – more importantly – better conversion rates.

Tests can focus on a specific feature of your product, check a large functional area in the product, or test the entire product. The more focused your questions are, the higher the value you’ll get from the usability test.

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Training and Workshops

Do you want to go solo with UX Design?

We’ve given tailor-made UX workshop at various organizations, including Siemens, Motorola, Verint, Samsung and more.

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