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It's alive!!!

The R&D team has finished their job and we're making a few final tests. The product is up and available, you can take off the shrink-wrap and open the champagne. See you in the next release!

Help Dev

We support your development efforts

We accompany your development team as they breathe life into your product. The prototype we created is gradully turning into a full-blown product.


Style Guide

The design is in your hands

You get

A document containing the design standards chosen for your product. The style guide is typically used to direct developers and designers working on the product in regard to colors, fonts, button and image styles, as well as other aspects of the design.

You won't need to make design decisions in the next software release. All the design choices will be availalble in the Style Guide.


Detailed Visual Design

Pixel perfect design

Flat or 3D buttons?

How wide is the title's shadow?

No worries. Our design team goes through every component and workflow in the wireframes, checks several options and chooses the best one for you.

You get

All of the designed product pages ready for professional cutting (we can help) and the devoted work of your dev team.

* צריכים עזרה בחיתוך?

נשמח לעזור!


Visual Concept

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

The visual design team considers several different visual alternatives for the wireframes. Visual design has a significant part in creating the right experience. The visual concept brings the products character to life and creates the right connection with your target audience.

You get

2-3 designed screens, through which you'll be able to experience the "look and feel" of the product, as your customers will.



Your users know best

Just like any other UX pro, we place a very high value on user feedback. We do it as early as the UX design phase: we present users with screen sketches, let them perform a few tasks and see how well they do them. Places where users found the UI challenging are fixed and re-tested.

You get

Amended screens with a high, verified, level of usability, even before one line of code has been written. An incredible time and budget saver.


Detailed UX Design

Screen designs are born

We make detailed sketches of all screen templates in the product. Every word on the screen receives our magic touch for a perfect exprience. From the top headlines to the last error message, we define the layout and behavior of every part of the screen.

You get

Wireframes - in each and every project.

An interactive prototype in places where complex interactions are needed.

Detailed specs - we know how to write them and love doing so. If you'll need us to write them, we'll happily invest the time and effort.


UX Concept Design

The art of creating experience

We consider the research phase findings, check other products for inspiration, and then put our lean, mean creative machine to work. The result is a unique solution for your product, tailor made for your business goals and your target audiences.

You get

2-3 מסכים שלדיים מרכזיים (wireframes) והצגת הארגון והיכולות המרכזיות של המוצר. אתם מתחילים להרגיש איך המוצר יראה ואיך החווייה תרגיש. אנחנו מתרגשים. ואתם?



No stone unturned

Research is a the heart of the UX design process. A great experience happens when you feel like the product was created just for you. To create this feeling, we must learn about the people who'll be using the product.

A thorough research helps us create a better product and focuses our work. We hand-pick the right research tools for each project.

You get

A detailed presentation of the research conclusions. The research report contains representations of your potential users ("Personas") and the User Scenarios - the stories describing how users will be using your product.



The beginning of a beautiful friendship

We meet to learn more about you:

  • Who you are and what is your product?
  • What do you want to achieve with it?
  • What is the target audience, and where can we find it?

We're very curious and eager to learn as much as we can about you and your target audience. That's the only way we can design a great product with an outstanding user experience.



How does it work?

The right methodology is key to creating a successful product with an outstanding user experience. Our work process has been refined over work on many projects and encapsulates insights gathered along the years.

We adapt our process to each project according to its characteristics, customer requirements and budget.


About Us

Uniq UI is a leading UX Design Studio, spearheading Israel’s UX industry. We specialize in strategic product planning, UX design, UI design and testing of digital products and experiences. We love training professionals of any kind on UX design.

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