Ira cares about the “why” not less than “how”. She believes that good design is not limited to a certain color or a cool font; The most important thing is to understand the task that the user is facing.
Before Ira joined Uniq UI, she designed advertising concepts. The colorful world of advertising was not enough for her and she became interested in web design and application development. It is important to her that a site will be simple and interesting. Sites that combine special elements or a special use of standard elements give the user a much more enjoyable experience. Functionality is important, but just not enough.

More than anything, Ira likes the concept stage of the project – to find creative solutions that solve different needs of the users. Ira is inspired by professional forums, inspiration boards on the web, photography, and fashion. She is also inspired by very special people who have succeeded in the field they love.

After hours, Ira likes to photograph and spend time with her family and friends.