Barak founded Uniq UI in 2009, after over 15 years in the UI business. Today he is one of the most well-known people in the UX scene in Israel. Barak started out as a UI developer and team leader. After 10 years in the development world, he transitioned to work fully in UX design, at first as a UX team leader at XMPie (Xerox) and later at Uniq UI.

Today, work at Uniq UI enables Barak to combine the fields of expertise he enjoys most: visual and verbal creation, technology, working with people, marketing and management. He is guided by the knowledge that good user experience is a means to an end, a way to reach business goals for the customer, and not a goal itself. If the customer is happy, the business is more successful.

In 2010 Barak joined forces with some of the most prominent UXers in israel. Together they founded User Experience Israel (UXI), an organization devoted to providing a place for UX designers to meet, network and learn. Barak leads the organization's activities which include 2 annual conferences, free meetups and much professional content online.


Barak speaking at the UXI Live conference

As a designer, Barak gets inspired from his everyday experiences. When he's online, he always looks for those small moments that improve the overall experience. He keeps current by taking part in most of the design projects in Uniq UI, and reading as much as he can. When Barak isn't working, and that doesn't happen a lot, he relaxes by playing the guitar, taking photos outdoors, or watching a good TV show. But even then, he's probably thinking about UX.

Barak speaks at conferences and workshops around Israel, and writes at and in the company blog (both Hebrew).

A few of Barak's recent lectures (Hebrew)

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